About Me

My skills

  • javascript
  • HTML / CSS
  • Template engines
  • Photoshop
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Drupal/Wordpress
  • SEO
  • Self Starter
  • Fast Learner
  • Best T-Shirts
Picture of myself

Me, Myself and I

My Values

I’m a Front End Developer, with a passion for Web Standards, Javascript programming, Front End Programming in general and the World Wide Web.

I’ve been a Java Web Developer for more than 10 years and a programmer for over 18 years. I love technology, frameworks, design patterns and man-machine interactions.

My current goal is to focus my efforts on Front End development (Javacript atm) and Web Standards (HTML4-5+, CSS-2-3+).



  • I Love working full time on Javascript/Html/CSS
  • I live and work in Central London
  • I like balancing work and private life
  • Yes quick stand up
  • Yes SCRUM
  • Yes let's do-it approach
  • Yes problem solving
  • Yes flat/horizontal hierarchies
  • Yes chats/emails
  • Yes good documentation vs faulty oral transmission
  • Yes creativity and non-linear-thinking
  • Yes Apple Macs & Linux
  • Yes remote working


  • I'm not anymore interested in back-end development (unless it involves NodeJS and a mixture of FrontEnd too)
  • I DON'T Travel
  • I'm not interested in permanent opportunities.
  • I don't spend more than 8 hours/day at the office (but I can continue working from home).
  • No writing spaghetti-like code without properly written test plans
  • No management positions.
  • No endless meetings.
  • No huge piramidal hierarchies.
  • No undocumented mess.
  • No Agile Alliance pair-programming (it's not for me)
  • No MS Windows (I don't work on that).

Things I'm doing


A personal project to display the X-Plane Flight Simulator cockpit instruments on external connected HTML5 devices, using Node ans Socket.IO

You can visit my github page here and/or whatch a brief Tech Demo Video of the code in action here

My OpenSource Project Tash!

You can pay a visit to my github page here

Tash! Reactive components library

"Shoot and Filter", Finalist at Mozilla Dev Derby August 2012

It's just a small rough example of how to use the Camera API to take a picture, apply some filters and save the resulting image data to the client. It was done in the last 2 evenings of the monthsThe intent here is to show how easy can be to acquire control of the camera using the Camera API and the canvas.

The code example (available for download) implements decoupled components through the use of an event based model (using the Tash! library).

You can find it here Shoot and Filter

Books I’m reading (and recent readings)

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Where am I

I’m living in the buzzing London, where everything happens and endless possibilities take shape everyday, like neurons in the limitless brain of the world.

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For any enquiry: davide.molin-AT-gmail.com